Suspension Disc for Sandwich Roofing Panels

How many times have you been asked for additional attachment to be added after the installation of insulated patio roofing?

  • Ceiling fans
  • Additional lights
  • Swing for the grandchildren

Penetration can cause water ingress; the last thing you want is call backs, additional weight is another factor, What if the attachment is heavy?

Another challenge during and after construction using sandwich roofing is… How to hang or suspend the attachment? For example your customer now wants a large ceiling fan.

What if there is a simple way to suspend that attachment without compromising the roof.

Introducing the ‘Suspension Disc’

Action Fasteners have developed a ‘Suspension Disc’ an ingenious system to hang a multitude of attachments, safely and easily without damage to the ceiling or roofing. Disc for sandwich roofing
This hex nut locks underneath the suspension disc and is part of the ‘Suspension System’ Hex Nut T17 Thread


This is a transcript of the video on our website

Question and answer session

Q. Gary …If you want to suspend something from a ceiling, maybe something very heavy… a fan, television and you have nothing to attach it too, is there a solution in Multi-Tite?

A. There is a solution it’s a plate that can be used with Multi-Tite or Storm-Tite, there are a number of plates in our catalogue, however we also developed a plate that can go underneath the roof, so when you don’t have a rafter or batten. You can actually go through your roofing on the crest with an appropriate sized fastener (Storm-Tite Long) and then underneath you use one of our suspension discs.

You can use this suspension discs on any one of our 20 sizes of T17’s , so you go through the roof on the crest and this suspension disc goes in underneath is then tightened up until it pulls the washer down on the crest – it seals the hole (roof penetration) so it doesn’t leak.

On the underside you now put a finger nut, a hex finger nut or a round one we have in our range. It now locks and you have now suspended the weight that you are putting down here. The load now has been transferred to the crest of the sheeting and that will now take a good 100kg load.

Q. Do these suspension discs come in different colours?

A. Yes they are available in thirty different colours and a number of sizes, 70mm – 200mm depending on the load that is required. It is a very quick and economical way to add attachments; you can use it on application where you need abnormal loads on a screw where it won’t pull out.

This is the video, question and answer segment with Gary Hollis

Ask your local supplier for details or contact us for more information.

Check out our website for full details of this system here..


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