Timber-Tite Is A  Powerful Construction Screw For Maximum Holding Power!

Wall support construction, bridges, fencing, stables, retaining walls the applications are endless…if you need a fastener that will hold…


Use only the best…Timber-Tite!

Benefits of using Timber-Tite

  • One action! No pre-drilling requiredA powerful construction screw for timber
  • No more splitting of logs
  • No posts loosened by driving in spikes
  • Holding power of a 25mm high-tensile metal flange
  • Protection of AS3566-Class 4 for wet corrosive areas
  • Suitable for all timber structures – stables, pergolas, retaining walls etc
  • Designed made and coated in Australia
  • Aesthetically coloured to match timber logs

Download the Timber-Tite flyer

Use only a powerful construction screw like Timber-Tite!

 Construction ApplicationsA powerful construction screw for timber

  • Suitable for building log cabins
  • Farm work
  • Timber fencing and gate repairs
  • Ideal for post and rail fencing, no pre-drilling
  • Quick fastening of rafters to top plate (no sharp strap)
  • 1/2 ton holding power per screw
  • Fast installation of emergency or temporary hoarding

Timber-Tite is self-drilling, no pre-drilled holes required for hard or soft wood, the large metal flange grips to the timber structure producing a powerful hold. If you want to hide the fastener head, recess in with 1 inch speed-bit and cover with 1 inch wood plug for reducing property theft or for a more aesthetic appearance.

 Timber- Tite’s Range of Sizes

Code Point Gauge TPI Length Finish Box QTY
A14-1050-T4Z T17 14 10 50mm Class 4 500
A14-1065-T4Z T17 14 10 65mm Class 4 500
A14-1075-T4Z T17 14 10 75mm Class 4 400
A14-10100-T4Z T17 14 10 100mm Class 4 300
A14-10125-T4Z T17 14 10 125mm Class 4 250
A14-10135-T4Z T17 14 10 135mm Class 4 250
A14-10150-T4Z T17 14 10 150mm Class 4 250
A14-10200-T4Z T17 14 10 200mm Class 4 200
A14-10250-T4A T17 14 10 250mm Class 4 150
A14-10300-T4Z T17 14 10 300mm Class 4 150
A14-10350-T4Z T17 14 10 350mm Class 4 150








Gary Hollis is demonstrating the ease of application with this powerful fastener for all timber structures.

Timber-Tite comes in 10 sizes.  50mm-300mm (2 inches-12 inches).

A Powerful Construction Screw in Action!