Walkway Bracket

Multi-Tite Fastening System Attachments

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Code Product Description Nyloc Hex Nut
MN010 M8 Nyloc Hex Nut




Code Product Description Walkway Bracket
MW002 2mm Thick (Bottom hole 8mm Clearance) Walkway Bracket


Code Product Description Suspension Disc
Suspension Disc – for Sandwich roofing, ceiling mounting fans etc.
MD070 70mm diameter -Surfmist
MD100 100mm – Surfmist Disc for sandwich roofing
MD150 150mm – Surfmist
MD200 200mm – Surfmist


Code Product Description Hex Nut
MD001 Hex Nut – T17 Thread used with suspension disc Hex Nut T17 Thread


Code Product Description Platform Disc
Platform Disc – base plate for rooftop platforms.
MDR80 Round Disc Base plate for rooftop platforms
MDS80 Square Disc
MD240X180x3mm Rectangle


Code Product Description  Support
   Support Angle – Rooftop platform, 8mm clearance holes punched each end, other sizes and lengths available
 ML003  40x40x2x900mm
 ML004  1200mm


Code Product Description Rope-Eye
Rope-Eye ( other sizes available
MER40 40mm


Quick Guide to Attachments
Brackets Joining Plate Joiner Eye Bolt Bolt Assembly
Knuckle Adjusting Rod Riser Eye Fitting Eye End Stop
Hex Nut Dome Nut Finger Nut Horn Nut Bridge Nut
Coupler Hex Nut Nyloc Hex Nut Walkway Bracket Suspension Disc Hex Nut T17
Platform Disc Support Angle Suspension Bracket Multi-Tite Non magnetic hex drive


Multi-Tite Attachment Pages  

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