Adjusting Rod

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Multi-Tite Fastening System Accessories

Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel for long life in severe corrosion sites


Code Product Description Joiner
MJ001 Joiner
For joining adjusting rods to any desired length, quickly and economically.



Code Size Product Description Knuckle
MK001 ½″ Use to adjust the tilt angle of:

  • solar panels
  • walkways
  • air-conditioners etc.
Tilt at any angle
MK002 5/8″


Adjusting Rod

Code Metric Imperial  Product Description
MA001 25mm 1″ In 13 sizes½″ with 8mm internal threads each end
MA150 38mm 1½″
MA002 50mm 2″
MA003 75mm 3″
MA004 100mm 4″
MA005 125mm 5″
MA006 150mm 6″
MA009 225mm 9″
MA012 300mm 12″
MA024 600mm 2F
MA036 900mm 3F
MA48 1.200m 4F
MA096 2.4m 8F


Code Metric Imperial Riser
MR001 50mm 2″ Riser attachment
MR002 100mm 4″
Product DescriptionScrews onto Multi-Tite head for raising rod for sufficient height off roof for attachments.


RiserAdjusting Rod slides through opening in ‘Riser’







Quick Guide to Attachments
Brackets Joining Plate Joiner Eye Bolt Bolt Assembly
Knuckle Adjusting Rod Riser Eye Fitting Eye End Stop
Hex Nut Dome Nut Finger Nut Horn Nut Bridge Nut
Coupler Hex Nut Nyloc Hex Nut Walkway Bracket Suspension Disc Hex Nut T17
Platform Disc Support Angle Suspension Bracket Multi-Tite Non magnetic hex drive


Multi-Tite Attachment Pages

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