Product Range and Downloads

Storm-Titesmall  Storm-Tite®
Storm-Tite is a fasteners for high wind and cyclonic/hurricane conditions throughout the world with category 5 rating.Download Storm-Tite Brochure here
 Storm-Titesmall Storm-Tite®LongStorm-Tite Long for insulated sheeting and paneling fasteners up to 350mm in length. Download Brochure here

Multi-Tite is a is a multi-purpose fastener designed for multiple uses…
Klip-Tite™ is a new CYCLONE RATED leak proof roofing screw that can be used on Kliplock® roofing profile.
Timber-Tite One action! No pre-drilling a powerful 14 gauge construction screw
Timber-Tite®Yellow for timber formwork to reduce stripping time
a powerful 14 gauge fasteners for timber & steel structures
Roof-Tite® is a dual point roofing fasteners for timber and steel
Batten-Tite is a dual point screw designed for batten fixing
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Storm-Tite Brochure Storm-Tite Australian Brochure Storm-Tite Brochure Fiji
Storm-Tite Long  Storm-TiteLong Flyer  Multi-Tite Brochure Multi-Tite Flyer
Klip-Tite Brochure  Klip-Tite roofing fasteners   Timber-Tite Timber-Tite Flyer
 Roof-Tite  Roof-Tite