Which screw for my metal roofing?

Whether you are looking for a self driller or a T17, one thing is certain, you only want to install a fastener that has a wind rating. If you are building or replacing a metal roof on the family home think safety, security and peace of mind.

Your commercial needs are the same, safety, security and peace of mind.

The last thing any of us wants is the roof sheeting to be damaged or worse still to be blown off exposing goods or possessions to the elements.
There are no guarantees in life but you can minimise risks, one component of a building can be controlled and that’s the fastener you use to secure your metal roofing.

What if I live in the southern states – do I need a cyclonic fastener?

The simple response is yes! A 14 gauge cyclonic fastener should be your first choice and yes they will cost more money probably a few Storm-Tite screwhundred dollars more on the price of your house.

However when that storm comes and that wind blows you will feel much more secure than your neighbours knowing you have a fastener that has been tested to with stand category 5 cyclonic winds.
Commercial structures are in the same boat, why just use standard 12 gauge roofing screw when you can secure your commercial buildings with a cyclonic fastener.

Inundation of water on goods and the loss of profits and productivity is enough reason to pay a little extra in construction.
If screws have rusted on your commercial building and they will in the cities where the air is full of corrosive elements, you can easily replace them with Storm-Tite, its large domed washer will cover the existing hole without the use of silicone a popular method to seal penetrations.

NRMA Insurance 21 page Report:  29 June 2012 entitled: Proposals for the New Strategy  
Feedback on the Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney Discussion Paper ‘Sydney Over the Next 20 Years’
One suggestion put forward by NRMA along with many more was:

“Improving the resilience of our buildings building codes, retrofitting and other mechanisms.”

Click here for full the report

If you a planning a new structure or maintaining an older one, think Storm-Tite Cyclonic fasteners for your metal roofing project. Click here for further details.

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