What testing has been done on Storm-Tite?

Brief Background History of Storm-Tite

If you have ever been asked about what testing has been performed on Storm-Tite, and haven’t received a satisfactory answer well now you are in luck, this is a brief rundown and a snippet of the testing completed on this product. Armed with this knowledge you can be assured that you are using an Australian made & designed fastener and the profits are staying here for further research and development.

Storm-Tite was designed by Gary Hollis and was first successfully tested by BHP in 1998 and the product has been available for nearly 14 years with a proven record of success the BHP report is available on our website to download. Test Report No: C576
Storm-Tite was then again tested through James Cook University Test Report TS 529 12th November 1998.

The success of this first test was well documented by JCU with comments on pages 3 & 4 quote:

“As a point of interest test 4 was continued beyond its proof load of 8.0kPa to a load of 11.4kPa before the test was terminated for safety reasons”.

Read the rest of the report just fill in the form details on the right hand side and the download page will be sent to you ==>>

That was 14 years ago, we have continued to test and retest Storm-Tite to comply and exceed requirements.

  • Northern Territory 10,000 load cycles 2003 – Test Report TS580
  • “Low-high-low” Branz 2009 Test Report Ref: STO781
  • F.M. Approval- USA, Metecno  Pty Ltd (Bondor)

Action Fasteners are continuing to monitor their products for performance, with more innovative products to come. With many cyclonic fasteners on the market it is interesting to note that many have opted for a similar design to Storm-Tite, but the original is always the best.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery

Benefits and features of Storm-Tite over other cyclonic fasteners:

Features Benefits
  • One fastener fits most profiles
  • No need for multiple types of fasteners for different profiles.
  • One piece design
  • All ready assembled – saves time and money
  • Domed washer flattens upon contact
  • Visual proof of seal – protecting commercial goods and homes from water ingress
  • EPDM Deks washer patent design with a 20yr warranty
  • Washer doesn’t break down and is truly made for Australian conditions.
  • Patented unique ‘Flat-Head’ for increased corrosion protection
  • Eliminates debris build up on the head which accelerates early corrosion
  • Coated with Hollymetal® a C4 alloy in Class 4 AS.3566
  • Mechanical galvanise in Australia, under Australian supervision and standards, for peace of mind.
  • Four points available, Self-drillers, T17 for timber, Dual Points, Series 500
  • There is a point suitable for varied applications from domestic to commercial and sandwich panels.
  • The size range will suit a wide variety of projects.
  • Storm-Tite is available in all the popular colours
  • We can match even discontinued colours.
  • Better aesthetic roof appearance
  • Storm-Tite looks better on the roof, then the traditional cyclonic assemblies


One piece assemble

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