Long fasteners for Sandwich Panels

Storm-Tite fastenerHaving problems finding those long fasteners?

Finding the right length fastener and thread count can be a challenge with today’s changing building trends, new

innovative sandwich panel roofing and insulated building panels all contributing to the unique emerging designs.


Changes bring challenge

Architects with their creative vision and the Engineers with their practicality can send shivers up the spine of most builders. After all they have to bring all this creative energy and specification plan into reality.
Action Fasteners have also been watching the trends in the Building Industry and have been proactive in moving with it. In fact we commenced adding longer sizes way before they were needed. While exhibiting overseas we saw the development first hand and anticipated the change here in Australia.

A little bit about us
We are an Australian owned company based in NSW; we produce Australian products in our factory at our Sydney facilities these products are between 80% – 100% (depending on the size) Australian made and designed.

All painting and mechanical galvanising is done in-house, it is not out sourced overseas.

Australian Made, Australian Quality – Storm-Tite Long
This is a roofing screw specifically designed for insulated sheeting.
Some of the features and benefits of Storm-Tite

  • Sizes range from 25mm for wall cladding to 350mm T17 for Sandwich panel roofing.
  • Coated to AS3555 – Class 4 in Australia at our facilities
  • Available in four of points – T17, Self drilling, Dual Point, Series 500
  • Fastener designed to show visible proof of seal ( Proven record , no leaks in 12 years)
  • 20 year warranty on EPDM patented sealing washer
  • Available in all the popular Colours
  • Storm-Tite fits all profiles and is still the best cyclonic screw on the Australian market.

Storm-Tite Long Screw
Action Fastener’s revolutionised the ‘cyclonic screw industry’ when our testing starting in 1998 with the design of Storm-Tite. Since that period many have opted for a similar design to Storm-Tite, but the original is always the best.

‘They say imitation is the highest form of flattery’

Action will supply what you need

This industry has special needs, for example when an out door living area is constructed; frequently there is a requirement of only small quantities of screws painted to match the roofing panels.
This can cause some issues with supply at times; you don’t want to order 500 or even 250 if you only need 20 or 50 fasteners.


Action Fasteners are now going to introduce small boxes of 20 fasteners depending on the size and these will be available in all the popular sizes.
We anticipate this will be in full production early in 2013.


If you are struggling to find the right point or size check out our range of Storm-Tite long for your sandwich panel roofing and building panels.
Ask your local supplier for details or check out website for the nearest distributor.

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