A solution is found for installing Solar Panels on a Metal Tiled Roof

While attending the Australia & P.N.G. Mining Resources Exhibition in Cairns we met Carol, to put you in the picture Carol had purchased solar panels to put on her roof, unfortunately after contacting a number of installers none were willing to touch the metal tiled roof no tangible reason was provided.

Appointments were made but nobody ever turned up to offer a solution.

In frustration Carol set out to find her own solution to getting these solar panels on her roof.

These are some of the strategies she employed.

  • Called many Solar Panel Installers without success
  • Phone the manufacturers in New Zealand for a solution they just referred her back to the local installer who had already expressed reluctance in putting penetration in the metal tiles.  
  • Scoured their website for information on Solar Panel installation, but none was found
  • Did extensive research online and dozens of phone calls, wanted to find a fastener that could do the job.

Well her determination brought results

After trying another approach of looking for a fastener instead of concentrating on the installer, her tenacity paid off.

Carol came across Action Fastener’s Multi-Tite a cyclonic designed fastener with a unique thread on top of the head, allowing for multiple roof applications.
She immediately emailed Gary who was a little slow to respond, (due to an overseas trip) but that wasn’t going to put Carole off. Eventually connection was made and Gary promised to look into her dilemma.  
During the Exhibition Gary made arrangements to see whether Multi-Tite would be suitable for Carol’s metal tiled roof.

He took some roofing back to his factory to conduct some testing.

The end result is we supplied Carol with the  Multi-Tite Fastening System to install her solar panels, she eventually found a local installer who was willing to use this new fastening system.

The rest is history!
Read Carol’s email sent to Gary Hollis below…

Dear Gary

I’m so delighted to send you these photos of a successful installation of my solar panels yesterday using your Multi-Tite fasteners.Pictures 2-4 show close ups of the fixings holding the rails onto the roof.

As you see they were put into the widest part of the tile profile which is the lowest part of the profile as well. This meant that pressure, and possibility of damaging the steel, was minimised if not eliminated.

As you can see, the Multi-Tite was long enough above the surface of the roof that no extra extension was necessary for the rails to clear the top of the tile profile, and the bracket was able to be screwed straight onto it.

The installer said the installation went off without incident –“just like a normal installation” to quote him.These photos are probably good enough to send to Gerard Industries but you can probably get even better ones by continuing to do an ”installation” on the roof model you’re making so you get professional photos for your purposes.

But you are welcome to use these photos if you can use them.

I will speak to you to thank you, but I do want to say a heartfelt thanks here from both myself and Malcolm for your help and generosity over the past months. 

Apart from the success of actually having the installation completed, was the success of having it completed before the rebate is cut again on 31 December.(2012)


Thank you


 DSCF0995 Fastening system
DSCF0992 DSCF7005

Many thanks Carol for taking

the time to send these

photos of the application…

The solar panels where installed by Cairns Switched on Electrical, so if you are looking for a proactive forward thinking company check them out at this link.

Australia leading world in solar installs: Tim Flannery
This interesting interview with the chief climate commissioner just shows how the solar industry is moving in Australia
“As of July, almost 754,000 households and businesses in Australia had solar panels”.
The report says Queensland is leading Australia in solar panel installations and has doubled its use of solar energy in less than two years.

Read more at this link

No wonder Carol had trouble seeking information the industry is moving faster in Queensland.
Check out Multi-Tite a dynamic new fastening system for multiple applications

Multi-Tite Fastener 12X8mm


Dome Nut

Installing solar panels at any angle

Installing air-conditioners

Installing walkways

All accessories manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel for long life in severe corrosion sites.

A fastener with multiple uses and attachments.

What applications can you think of?

Hex Nut for Multi-Tite

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