Why not use a better screw?

Storm-TiteWeather events throughout Australia have proved that you don’t have to be in a cyclonic area to experience a devastating wind event with the potential to take off your metal roof.

It was only a few years ago that if you had suggested using a cyclonic fasteners on your roof in a non cyclonic area most would have balked at the idea.

They cost more, they’re large ugly fasteners was the cry. However that is no longer the case.

Storm-Tite® is a 14 gauge category 5 cyclonic fastener that offers an aesthetically pleasing design that doesn’t detract from the roof line and more importantly it offers your customers added value and security over standard roofing screws.

The longer sizes of Storm-Tite are being used extensively in the southern states in buildings and outdoor lifestyle living areas.

Insulated panels are an important choice for comfort in outdoor living and many companies are choosing Storm-Tite to secure the roofing on these outdoor additions.

Leaks in Metal Roofing

Another factor to consider is water ingress; generally most leaks in metal roofing are caused by penetrations, from the installation process.

This can be due to incorrect placement made by the installer at the time of construction, for example missing the purlin and making an additional hole. Another cause is mounting rooftop equipment Solar Panels

  • Air-Conditioning units
  • Roof Ventilators
  • Satellite dishes
  • Walkways
  • Aerials
  • Ladders
  • Anchor Points for safety harnesses etc

While storm-Tite can assist with replacing rusted and loose fasteners, another solution is required for penetrations caused from mounting equipment.

Storm-Tite® is more than a cyclonic fastener; its large domed EPDM washer with a twenty year warranty is an ideal solution to replace all those fasteners that allow water ingress in through the roof.

If the hole is elongated Storm-Tite® may be able to cover both holes, a quick inexpensive solution for your customers.

Storm-Tite’s ‘flat head’ eliminates water pooling in the head, the location where most corrosion starts especially if you are close to the ocean.

Storm-Tite can get you out of trouble if an apprentice makes an error, and misses the purlin, that additional hole you now have can be covered without resorting to silicone which is effective if applied correctly, if the area isn’t cleaned of all drilling debris including swarf the silicone solution is less effective and it’s only a matter of time before water ingress problems arise.

If the water ingress problem is from penetrations Storm-Tite® can offer a quick solution for your customers.

What about those penetrations caused by mounting roofing equipment…

These fixings can be replaced with a fastener called Multi-Tite® same technology as Storm-Tite, the same large EPDM washer, that can conceal and seal elongated penetrationsFastening System
Unique thread on top of the fastener allows it to be used for mounting roofing equipment causing water ingress problems from penetrations.

Re-roofing Solutions

Why not offer some added benefit to your customers by offering a fastener tested and approved to withstand a category 5 cyclone. Yes the cost will be higher, but most people will pay more if they know that they are going to be safer when the next wind event hits and it will!


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