How to fix a leaking roof

Will your roofing screw washer – survive 20 years?


Many leaks in metal roofs are caused by screw penetrations, this can be due to the deterioration of the rubber washer or by the design of the fastener or how it was installed. Whatever the reason the end result can be devastating.

Storm-Tite a fastener that seals

Storm-Tite's large domed washer will cover both holesStorm-Tite is an Australian designed fastener, produced for Australian conditions, with over twelve years of protecting Australian homes and businesses.

The fasteners has many features, one that stands head and shoulders above the rest is its unique design a one piece cyclonic fastener with a large patented dome EPDM washer that will reduce any water ingress from roofing penetrations.
Water penetration is one of the major concerns from homeowners to Commercial business. Valuables are ruined through water ingress; just a downpour can create havoc if the screw penetration is not sealed.

 Commercial Perspective

Leaking roofing can create headaches for a Commercial Business, stock or machinery can be ruin not to mention all the other associated costs. Frequently leaks start from roofing penetrations not being sealed correctly this could be from a variety of reasons for example; mounting new equipment on the roof like air-conditions or solar panels, anything that requires a hole etc. In addition it may be the fasteners penetration securing the metal roofing. If your project falls into the one of the categories below, do it right the first time use Storm-Tite

The following are common issues with leaking metal roofs

  •     The rubber seals have deteriorated allowing water to penetrate the building through the fastener hole.
  •     The fasteners have rusted out, and require replacing
  •     During installation of the roof the contractor missed the purlin and now you have extra holes and the sealant used to fill the penetration has now deteriorated, allowing water ingress.

All these problems could have been eliminated or reduced if Storm-Tite had been used. Storm-Tite is a powerful 14 gauge cyclonic fastener with a large EDPM washer which will adequately cover the penetration therefore reducing the risk substantially of water ingress through your roofing. Check out the sizes and points available.

Check out this demonstration on how Storm-Tite works…

This EDPM washer along with Storm-Tite’s powerful holding power will give you over 20years of trouble free service.

This is one way to fix a leaking roof.


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