Why does the Head wobble while drilling

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 4  Why does the head of the screw ‘wobble’ when drilling?

‘Head wobble’ is a common feedback issue from Roofing Plumbers. The usual response is to blame the fastener, its design. However the real culprit is very often the hex bit. There is a small magnet in the shaft which sole purpose is to secure the screw.

But very often the magnet is to far forward, therefore limiting the amount of surface grip on the screw head, the end result is a wobbling fastener, which is particularly frustrating for the Roofing Plumber.

We have conducted some research on this issue and measured the diameter and placement of the magnet on a number of different brands. The results were inconsistent even within one brand, in other words they are all different.

The small magnet designed to secure the screw in the shaft varies in its precise placement. The end result is a wobbling screw that is not secure in the hex bit.

You can do one of two things..

  1. Replace the hex bit with a new one; hopefully the new one will give a better fit.
  2. If you are in a location where you haven’t got access to a Hardware Store, just tap the magnet back gently with hammer and a punch.

Gary demonstrates below one way to eliminate screw wobble…