Is painting part of the Class 4 coating?

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Q. 6 Is painting part of the Class 4 coating?

Painting on the head is not included in your Class 4 coating. The coating under the painted head is your Class 4 coating.

Some damaged to the paint is not going to reduce the corrosion protection of your fastener, it is the Class 4 coating under the paint that will safeguard of your roof.


Q. 7 What colours are available in Storm-Tite?Colours available in Storm-Tite

We currently have over thirty colours available off the shelf and can do any colour you want, however a sample of the paint is required and some notice.

We have all the popular colours available..

All our fasteners are ‘Powder Coated’ in house, this is a durable paint which is baked on giving you maximum performance.