How can you minimise damage to painted heads?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.5 How to minimise chipping of painted screw heads…

There are a number of reasons why paint chips on painted heads, these are the most common reasons.

If the quality of the paint is good there are a couple of ways to reduce the damage.

  1. ¬†Make sure during installation that the hex bit is correctly placed on the fasteners head. Check out the ‘Head Wobble”.
  2. The right angle is important, watch the video for more detail.
  3. Another cause is ‘swarf’ build up in the tool. These metal shavings can act like a cutting agent damaging paint on the roofing fastener. This build up must be removed.
  4. Using an Impact Driver will damage the paint, these are powerful tools that have become popular because of there speed and ease of use.