A Roofing Screw That Doesn’t Leak

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1 Why doesn’t Storm-Tite leak?

The reason why Storm-Tite doesn’t leak is because of this uniquely designed EPDM rubber washer. This rubber washer was designed so that it molds to the sheeting on installation.

EPDM washer made and designed in Australia with a 20 year Warranty

Storm-Tite's large domed washer will cover both holesFor example if you had two penetration in your sheeting because you missed the purlin this EPDM washer will cover both of the holes because it molds to the sheeting. Totally seals.. water from penetrating it.

Storm-Tite is also an ideal solution for re-roofing or rescrew applications , with elongated holes where screws or nails have been removed, the large domed washer will easily cover both penetrations.

A common problem during roof installation, two penetrations require sealing, no need to use silicone just use Storm-Tite!

It’s that simple it just doesn’t leak

Check out all the information about Storm-Tite a category 5 cyclonic rated fastener.

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