Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1
Why doesn’t Storm-Tite leak?
This rubber washer was designed so that it molds to the sheeting on installation...Read on


Question 2
What is so special about Storm-Tite’s rubber washer?
The rubber washer is made in Australia to Australian standards and a genuine EPDM….Read on


Question 3
How can you identify a genuine Action Fastener product?
There are many substandard fasteners on the market make sure you know what you are purchasing…Read on


Question 4
Why does the ‘head wobble’ while drilling?
‘Head wobble’ is a common feedback issue from Roofing Plumbers. The usual response is to blame the fastener…Read on


Question 5
How can you minimise damage to painted heads?
There are a number of reasons why paint chips on painted heads, this is one of the most common reasons….Read on


Question 6
Is painting part of the Class 4 coating?
Painting on the head is not included in your Class 4 coating…Read on


Question 7
What colours are available in Storm-Tite?
We currently have over thirty colours available off the shelf …Read on


Question 8
Recommended drill speed for Action Fasteners fasteners?
 Gary discusses the best speed to use…  Read on