Are you prepared for the cyclone season?

July 19, 2012

Now is the time to secure your roof There is an abundance of information about how to secure your roof and make sure the roofing screws you use comply with council codes. Over the last 5 years particularly in north Queensland it has been taken very seriously. After the impacts of both Larry and Yasi […]

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Taiwan Fastener Show

April 17, 2012

Taiwan Fastener Show 2012 Last month Gary made the journey to Taiwan or ‘The kingdom of Screws’ if I can borrow the phrase from the website of the 2012 Taiwan International Fastener Show general information page. How true this is because of many lost skills and virtual non existent Screw manufacturing industry here in Australia, […]

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How to fix a leaking roof

March 13, 2012

Will your roofing screw washer – survive 20 years?   Many leaks in metal roofs are caused by screw penetrations, this can be due to the deterioration of the rubber washer or by the design of the fastener or how it was installed. Whatever the reason the end result can be devastating. Storm-Tite a fastener […]

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Hello world!

March 11, 2012

We will be posting articles in this space, and helping you with any questions.

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