Mini-Tite for Metal RoofingMini-Tite is a new fastener from Action that was produced after speaking to our customers.They asked for a fastener with a smaller metal washer that can be used in Non Cyclonic areas.
In response we have produced a 14g fastener with a 16mm metal washer to suit all profiles, same strength of a 14g without the larger 25mm metal flange.

Mini-Tite is available in all the popular colours to match all roofing profiles.

What does this mean for metal roofing

  • Better aesthetic roof appearance, the smaller metal washer will fit neatly on all profiles

  • Mini-Tite is available in a wide selection of sizes, all from the same supplier

  • Available in four points, to suit multiple applications

  • Tight domed EPDM washer seal – install knowing you will not have to call back

  • Class 4 coating applied in Australia not overseas, for traceability

  • Made & Designed in Australia


  • Metal Roofing- Domestic
  • Commercial Metal Roofing
  • Sandwich Roofing Panels
  • Wall Cladding
  • Modular Building Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Cold Storage Applications
  • Overseas Projects
  • Local Councils
  • Re-Roofing Applications

Available in four points click here for full details or ring 02 9533 3688

Opening hours-smallGood News, you can now purchase direct from Action Fasteners, all our products are available from our Sydney Facilities for the Sydney Region.

We are an Australian manufacturer of fasteners in Riverwood, and we service niche markets with Australian designed products. 

Action’s fasteners are predominately construction fasteners and are suitably for commercial and domestic applications within the building and mining  industry.


Fasteners Available from Action Fasteners

Storm-Tite  is a cyclonic fastener that will fit most metal roofing profiles this fastener is rated for category 5 cyclones and is one of many important component for keeping your roof secure. Suitable for all areas throughout Australia. Sizes range from 25mm – 350mm in four different points. Read more about Storm-Tite.
Storm-Tite®Long for designed for sandwich roofing panels – sizes up to 350mm in four points.
Multi-Tite is a is a multipurpose fastener used for mounting and securing solar roofing panels at any angle.
Read more about Multi-Tite and attachments.
Timber-Tite can be used for any timber structure, retaining walls, fences and pergolas, it features a powerful metal flange to strengthen your timber structure. Read more about Timber-Tite
Klip-Tite™ is a new CYCLONE RATED leak proof roofing screw that can be used on Kliplock® roofing profile…
Slim-Line is a powerful 14 gauge fastener for timber and steel structures…Available in a variety of points, EPDM washers available. Can be used with 16mm/19mm/25mm/32mm Bonded Washer’s

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