About Us

Action Fasteners are Committed to the Design of Innovative Products

Action Fasteners was formed to market the many new innovative products that are currently being designed and manufactured by Mechanical Plating Pty Ltd, this company is an Australian owned Company established in 1982.

The market place is in need of new and innovative products in the form of fasteners, and this is where Action Fasteners role starts, always on the look out for niche markets that are not being serviced.

Gary Hollis is the Managing Director of Mechanical Plating and designer of these fasteners produced for Action Fasteners.Gary Hollis, Action Fasteners

Gary has expertise in a number of fields which equips him to design these unique products that are ‘fit for purpose’ that will benefit the consumer.

Our Facilities

Our facilities are in New South Wales Australia, where we distribute throughout Australia and overseas. Action Fasteners head office is located at Schofield Street, Riverwood NSW the facility covers approximately 2,200 sq metres and is staff by 20.

The great majority of our manufacturing, assembling, mechanical galvanising and despatch takes place at this location.
Storm-Tite® a roofing fastener for cyclonic and high wind areas throughout the world is one example of the quality products that Action Fasteners distribute.

Some of Action Fasteners services

  • All coatings (finishes) are applied in-house (AS 3566 Class 4), therefore reducing the incident of inferior product finishes being distributed to the consumer.
  • All fasteners are mechanically plated in Australia to Australian Standard specifications AS.3566 Class 4 or Class 3.
  • Successful testing of the new ‘Low-high-low’ standard means that Storm-Tite complies with this new standard.
  • Products are traceable reducing the risk of low-grade products being distributed to your customers.
  • Head markings on all fasteners eliminate bogus fasteners being represented.

Muli-Tite is our latest innovative addition to our range of screws, to suit many diverse applications.Multi-Tite Screw System

Action Fasteners Pty Ltd
12 Schofield Street
Riverwood NSW 2210