Action Fasteners Design and Manufacture

Action Fasteners is an Australian Company that design and manufacture unique fasteners for the Australian and the overseas market. Their unique designs are produced for Australian conditions and comply to strict Australian standards.

In addition their products complies and exceeds AS 3566 Class 4 for corrosion protection and exceeds AS/NZS 1170-2 rating for cyclones/hurricanes for cyclonic fasteners.

Action’s fasteners are predominately construction fasteners and are suitably for commercial and domestic applications within the building and mining  industry.

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Screw Applications for Storm-Tite

Storm-Tite  is a cyclonic fastener that will fit most metal roofing profiles this fastener is rated for category 5 cyclones and is one of many important component for keeping your roof secure. Read more about Storm-Tite..

Action’s fasteners come in four different points available in timber, self drilling screws which will drill up to 3mm into G550 purlin and 6mm mild steel, dual points for light gauge steel to heavy duty series 500 for commercial applications.
Storm-Tite long can be used with insulated sandwich roofing and wall panels, fasteners up to 350mm in length. Read more about Storm-Tite

Multi-Tite is a is a multipurpose fastener used for mounting and securing solar roofing panels at any angle. Air-conditioning units can be installed without any fear of leaking from screw penetrations. Read more about Multi-Tite and attachments.

Timber-Tite can be used for any timber structure, retaining walls, fences and pergolas, it features a powerful metal flange to strengthen your timber structure. Read more about Timber-Tite


Is your home or commercial building prepared for a wind event?

Are you prepared for the Cyclone Season?

When was the last time you checked your roof?


Wind events are no longer confined to the northern tropics of Australia, a wind event can happen anytime any state, anywhere preparation is the key and using the right fastener for the job.

Storm-Tite is a roofing fastener for metal roofing, designed for cyclonic & hurricane conditions and wind events, throughout Australia and the world.


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One screw fits most profiles, reducing stock levels and inventory issues.